Lyga, Heidi

Hello My Name Is...

Heidi Lyga



Spanish Teacher 

Middle/High School

I am a La Crosse native.  I have been teaching MS/HS Spanish for 24 years.
I also coach MS track.  Every odd year, Seniors and Juniors are able to travel to Central America as an educational tour. Questions or concerns?  Please contact me at
(608)486-5254 or e-mail me at
Spanish 4 Essential Learning Outcomes
Spanish 3 Essential Learning Outcomes
Spanish 2 Essential Learning Outcomes 
Spanish 1 Essential Learning Outcomes

7:10-7:50  Spanish IV (0 hour) 
7:55 -8:39  Spanish I (1st hour)
8:42-9:26  8th Grade 
9:29-10:13 Spanish II 
10:16-11:01 Prep
11:04-11:48 Spanish I
12:18-1:02 Prep
1:05-1:49 Spanish II
1:52-2:36 Spanish III
2:39-3:06 Big Time