Mrs. Wildt

Johnnyray Wildt
Hello, this is my second year of teaching, and I am very excited to be back at Bangor! I'm ready to share my passion of art with students and see their creativity shine this year. My art teaching philosophy is allowing plenty of student-choice. I believe when students have room to make artistic decisions, he or she has opportunity to: problem-solve, critically-think, gain autonomy, and becomes passionate for creating.


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Daily Schedule

 Times  Day 1 Day 2   Day 3  Day 4 Day 5 
10:30-10:45     Mashak (10:40-11:10)     
 10:45-11:00      Mashak    
 11:15-11:30      Rundahl    Meacham
 11:30-11:45      Rundahl    Meacham
 11:45-12:00          Meacham
 12:00-12:15  Lamprich      Powers  Mashak
 12:15-12:30  Lamprich  Weisse  Lamprich  Powers  Mashak
 12:30-12:45  Lamprich  Weisse  Lamprich  Powers  Mashak
 12:45-1:00  Intervention  Intervention  Intervention  Intervention  Intervention
 1:00-1:15  Intervention  Intervention  Intervention  Intervention  Intervention
 1:15-1:30    Powers  Meacham  Briggs  Gerke
 1:30-1:45    Powers  Meacham  Briggs  Gerke
 1:45-2:00  Briggs      Briggs  Peyton
 2:00-2:15  Briggs  Rundahl  Gerke Weisse   Peyton
 2:15-2:30  Peyton  Rundahl  Gerke  Weisse Peyton 
 2:30-2:45  Peyton  Rundahl Gerke  Weisse