Bangor Hall of Fame Guidelines

Bangor High School Athletic Hall of Fame Guidelines


Article I


The name of this organization shall be the Bangor High School Athletic Hall of Fame, a program under the jurisdiction of the Bangor School District in association with the Bangor Booster Club.


Article II:  Mission Statement


The Hall of Fame has been organized as a way of maintaining the rich heritage and tradition of the successful athletic programs at Bangor High School.  In addition it will serve as a means of recognizing, preserving and honoring the athletes, coaches, and individuals who have made significant contributions to the athletic programs at Bangor High School.  The Hall of Fame acknowledges the contributions and accomplishments of the individuals who are worthy of recognition and are examples for others to emulate.


Article III:  Hall of Fame Selection Committee


The Hall of Fame will be governed by the Hall of Fame Selection Committee.  The eight-person committee must include:  the Athletic Director; at least one administrator; one other school faculty member; the Booster Club President; and a School Board Member.  The Hall of Fame Selection Committee will appoint the remaining committee members.  An additional person will serve as Committee Chairperson (non-voting).  The Selection Committee Members are:



Athletic Director

Bangor Faculty Member

Booster Club President

School Board Member

Hall of Fame Committee Member

Hall of Fame Committee Member

Hall of Fame Committee Member

Hall of Fame Chairperson


Article IV:  Criteria for Nomination


Individuals and teams may be nominated from four categories. A nominee must receive a minimum vote of 75% from the members of the Hall of Fame Committee.  Honors may be posthumously bestowed.


Categories for Selection


            Athlete:  An Individual Who Has Distinguished Him/Herself In The Field Of Athletics During His/Her Time As A Student At Bangor High School.

            1.  The Nominee Must Be 10 Academic Years Removed From Competition

            2.  Athletic Performance, Team Contributions, Achievement and/or Leadership in                  Sports Competition as Evidence by:

                        A.  Post-Season Honors (i.e., All-Conference; All-State; etc.)

                        B.  Advancement to post-season competition and/or All-Star Teams

                        C.  Individual Record Setting Performances

                        D.  Winning Individual Championships

                        E.  Holding the Position of Team Captain

            3.  Citizenship/Post High School Career Honors

            4.  Athletic Achievement After Attending Bangor High School Will Be Considered, But Only As A Complement to the Individual’s Athletic Career at Bangor High School

            5.  Approval of Nominees Will Be Based On Criteria That The Nominee Was The Best Athlete During Era or Across Eras


            Teams of Distinction:  Outstanding Team Athletic Performance and Achievement in Sports Competition

            1.  The Team Must Be 10 Academic Years Removed From Competition

            2.  Accomplishments as Evidence By:

                        A.  Undefeated Seasons

                        B.  State Championships

                        C.  Sectional/Regional Championships

                        D.  Advancement in Playoff Competition

                        E.  Conference Championships

                        F.  School Records


            Coach:  A Individual Who Has Distinguished Him/Herself as a Coach While At          Bangor High School

            1.  The Nominee Must Have Minimum 10 Years Coaching Experience at Bangor High School

            2.  Coaching Performance, Leadership, Accomplishments, and/or Significant Contributions to the Athletic Programs at Bangor High School as Demonstrated By:

                        A. Team Championships

                        B. Advancement in Post-Season Play

                        C. Individual Achievement Awards

                        D. Record Setting Performances

            3.  Coaches Who Have 15 Years of Coaching Experience at Bangor High School Shall Be Automatically Nominated


            Contributor:  An Individual Who Has Made Outstanding Contributions to the Interscholastic Athletic Programs at Bangor High School Other Than Coaching and/or Playing

            1.  Teachers, Administrators, School Personnel, Officials, and Community                   Members Are Eligible in the Contributor Category

            2.  Contributions to Bangor Athletics as Demonstrated By:

                        A.  Years of Contribution to Bangor High School

                        B.  Individual Awards Contributing to Athletics

                        C.  Other Relevant Information Will Be Considered By the HOF Committee

Article V: Procedures for Nomination


In order to maintain the integrity of the Hall of Fame, the previous criteria have been established for nominations.  Nominees must exemplify the highest standards of sportsmanship, ethical conduct, and character.  All candidates will be judged on their significant and/or long-term contributions to Bangor High School athletics.


Nomination Procedures

            1.  Inductees May Be Nominated By:

                        A.  The Selection Committee

                        B.  Current Faculty, Administration, or Staff

                        C.  Alumni or Community Members

                        D.  No Individual May Self-Nominate; However, An Individual May Nominate a Team of Which They Were a Member

            2.  Nomination Form

                        A.  All entries must be submitted on the Bangor High School Hall of Fame nomination form.  Nominations forms must be filled out accurately and completely for consideration.

                        B.  Forms Shall Be Available for Download on the Bangor School Website and in the High School Office.

                        C.  The nomination form shall be completed and submitted to the Committee Chairperson by September 30th for the candidate to be considered for induction during the following year.  All nominations received must contain active and current address and contact information for the nominee (or family if being posthumously nominated).

                        D.  In addition to the official nomination form, the following material should be submitted for the four categories of consideration:

                                    a.  A letter of recommendation from the person making the nomination and/or letters of support from appropriate individuals who can validate or substantiate information related to the high school career or contributions of the nominee.

                                    b.  Other supporting materials such as copies of:  Newspaper Articles; Certificates; Historical Records; Letters; Film Footage; etc.


ARTICLE VI:  Procedures for Selection & Induction Class


Selection Procedures


The Bangor High School Hall of Fame Selection Committee will meet annually to select candidates based on the criteria. The Committee may authorize induction to a person/team who falls outside the defined criteria when justified by special circumstances as deemed appropriate by the Committee.  The Committee will review and discuss nominees and vote to determine membership that represents various sports and time periods and reflects both men’s and women’s varsity athletics.


The duties and responsibilities of the Hall of Fame Selection Committee shall be as follows:

            1.  Attend scheduled selection meetings.

            2.  Annually evaluate the nominations of individuals submitted who fulfill the                        requirements for considerations.

            3.  Approve only those individuals who had significant and/or long-term                                 contributions to athletic accomplishments at Bangor High School.

            4.  Evaluate and update the policies and operational procedures of the Bangor                         High School Hall of Fame on an annual basis.

            5.  Validate and approve all worthy candidates for induction.

            6.  Keep all actions of the Selection Committee confidential.


The voting procedures of the Hall of Fame Selection Committee shall be as follows:

            1.  The Committee shall review candidates based on information available at the                      time of the October meeting.

            2.  After open discussion about each nominee, a vote will be conducted for the                     purpose of choosing inductees.

            3.  If a committee member is nominated, they will abstain for that individual vote, and the Committee Chairperson will vote in place of that Committee member.

            4.  If there are more nominees, receiving 75% of the Selection Committee vote, than the allowed induction class size, committee members shall rank candidates in order of desired induction preference with their top choice receiving the first number.  The nominees with the most points will comprise the induction class.

            5.  The annual voting of the Selection Committee will be confidential

            6.  Inductees will be announced at a pre-determined time following the final                           selection process and after the individuals have been contacted and indicated that they will be present or represented at the induction ceremony.


Induction Class

            1.  No more than five individuals/teams may be inducted annually with the                             exception of the first two years, where the maximum per year will be ten. 

            2.  There is no limit to the number of times a person/team may be considered for                     the Hall of Fame.


Article VII:  Announcement & Induction Ceremony


The announcement of those selected for induction into the Hall of Fame shall be made a week prior to the induction ceremony.  Inductees will be acknowledged during a Friday home basketball game (when possible) before the Booster Club Fundraiser/Alumni Social.  The Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony shall be held in conjunction with the Booster Club Fundraiser/Alumni Social.   Special care will be taken to ensure that the presentation of one individual/team’s award does not overshadow that of another.  Current Hall of Fame members and their families shall be invited and attending members will be acknowledged at the recognition ceremony.  Inductees must attend their induction unless the committee has waived their presence and a proxy has been appointed to receive their award.  Appropriate awards will be given to the inductees and the plaques describing their achievements will be displayed at the high school.


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