Jordan Laufenberg

Hello My Name Is...

Jordan Laufenberg


I grew up in and graduated from Highland, WI, a small town of 800 people.  I have two great parents and am the oldest of three boys.  Both of my parents graduated from Highland.  After high school in 2002, I attended the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, where I earned my bachelors degree in Physical Education, Adaptive Physical Education, and Health Education.  I graduated in the summer of 2007 and was fortunate to be offered a job with the Bangor School District later that fall.  I have been very lucky to work at such a great school.  While working in the school district, I was fortunate to meet my wife Kelli.  We were married in the summer of 2011.  Kelli is also a 1st grade teacher with the La Crosse School District.  In 2013 we welcomed our son Maddox.

    I am very interested in athletics and sports.  In high school, I was a three-sport athlete in football, basketball, and baseball.  Some of the my greatest memories of playing athletics are:  making it to state and playing at Camp Randall my junior year in football, playing baseball at the Metrodome, and winning conference championships in all sports throughout my high school career.  I have been coaching basketball in some form since 2002-2003.  I was fortunate enough to student teach in Cuba City, Wisconsin where I was also an assistant girls basketball coach.  The team went undefeated and won the state title, which is a great experience I will never forget.  I have been coaching basketball and football since being hired at Bangor in 2007.  Along with coaching, I am an avid gofer, which is currently my favorite sport to play.  

    What I Do
    I am the physical education and adaptive physical education teacher in Bangor.  Adaptive physical education is working with students who need extra help in the area of gross motor skills.  Some examples of gross motor skills can include movement patterns like running, leaping, sliding, etc., and object control skills such as dribbling, kicking, striking with an object, etc.  It is a very rewarding profession, which I enjoy every day.