Why Choose Us?

Points of

"Bangor Pride"

 Small Class Sizes PreK-12
  • Class sizes in the elementary average between 15-18 students
  • Middle school class sizes range from 16-20 students
  • High school class size range from 15-20 in most classes
  1 to 1 iPad Technology
  • iPads for every student in grades K-12
  • Integrated use of iPads in all curricular areas allowing for more student engagement
  • The first school in the region to have one on one technology for every student
  • iPad technology has been in place since 2011
 Personalized Relationships
  • Small class sizes allow teachers and staff to make personal connections with students
  • Dedicated and passionate staff that understand the importance of connecting with students to make a difference in their learning

 Personalized Learning
  • One on one technology to engage students
  • Four-year old kindergarten program
  • Offerings beginning in middle school in Technology Education, Agriculture, Band, Choir, Family and Consumer Education, Information Technology and more
  • Technical college and four-year university options
  • Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) ongoing work to personalize learning 
 Great Community Support
  • Community and parent attendance at all events is outstanding
  • Funding and maintaining buildings and facilities to meet the needs of students remain a priority with the Community and the Board of Education
  • 2007 referendum to renovate the elementary school and exceed the revenue cap passed by a three to one margin
  • 1996 referendum to build a new middle/high school passed overwhelmingly
  • The last three referendums to exceed the revenue cap in 2010, 2013 and 2016 all passed with over 60% support