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Welcome to Bangor Middle/High SchoolAdd pic

A small school building big futures!

Don Addington, Principal

Our school offers the advantages of a small, intimate school atmosphere along with the advantages of being conveniently located along I-90 and within the greater La Crosse community.

We continue to be very proud of our school and the accomplishments of our students and we are grateful for the great parent and community support of education in our district.

Academic opportunities abound with our rich and varied curriculum including AP, online classes, distance-learning opportunities and classes articulated with WTC. We have a very hard working and dedicated staff with over half of our teachers holding advanced degrees. Our school board operates with the continued success and welfare of our students always a top priority. Our facilities and technology are first-rate and help us provide tremendous opportunities for our students. We are committed to providing our students with 21st Century skills and tools through the use of state-of-the-art computer labs, interactive white-boards in most classrooms and an Apple iPad in the hands of every student.

In addition to academics, our students’ success is also developed through the arts, athletics and other co-curricular activities. We offer a wide array of interscholastic sports as a member of the Scenic Bluffs Conference and as a member of co-op teams in hockey, girls’ hockey, gymnastics and wrestling. Our sports teams have amassed seven conference championships over the last two years. Students also have the opportunity to be involved in the arts through participation in Drama, Art Club, Band, Jazz Band, Choir, and Jazz Choir. There are numerous other student clubs and groups to be involved in including a nationally recognized FFA program. Research shows that students who are involved in activities and work hard at developing these skills, will not only receive a well-rounded education, but will acquire a sense of pride in their school, and a greater chance for success after graduation.

We are a first-class school that encourages our students to be Respectful, Responsible, Productive and Safe!

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