FCCLA- Bangor Middle/High School Chapter

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4f71f4fc2bec0 Elementary Students Participated in Santa's Helpers.
Kirsten, Alyson and Aspencompeted in Focus on Children.
Elementary Students Participatedin Happy Hula-Hoopers.
Elementary Students Participatedin Happy Hula-Hoopers.
Aspen, Kirsten and Alyson attheir Happy Hula-Hooper  



What is FCCLA? 

FCCLA is a great opportunity forstudents to help the community, grow as a student leader and be involved. Click here for more information.


LeadershipTeam 2016-2017

  President- Ariana Hundt

  Vice President- Elizabeth Nicolai

  Secretary- Brenna Whalen 

  Treasurer- Josie Hansen

  Public Relations- Claire Reynolds & Colin Buchholz


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