McTeer, Shanice

Ms. Shanice McTeer
​Phone: 608-486-5231

Subject: High School English Language Arts
Grades: 10th, 11th, and 12th
Mission: Bangor Pride--A small school building big futures!

Goals for the 2016-17 School Year

  • Improve test scores in the areas of reading and math at all levels PreK-12.
  • Develop and implement innovative approaches to personalized learning through collaboration.
  • Proactively promote the Bangor School District.

Ms. McTeer's Schedule

Period  Class
 1st  Career Communication
 2nd  English 10
3rd  H.S. Literacy 
 4th  College Prep
 7th  Career Communication
 8th English 10

Hello and welcome! I am the high school English and Language Arts teacher for our 10th-12th grade students. I graduated with a Communication, Arts, and Literature teaching degree with a Communication Studies minor at Winona State University. In my spare time, I read all genres of books, go bicycling, kayaking, indoor rock climbing, and spend time with my northern and southern family. If you get a chance, please stop in and say hello!
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