Academic Standards At Bangor Schools

The Bangor School District has adopted the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for Language Arts, Disciplinary Literacy, and Math. The district also implements the Wisconsin Model Academic Standards in Social Studies, Science and all related arts areas including Music, Art, Physical Education, Health Education, Foreign Language, Family and Consumer Education, Agriculture Education, Business Education, and Technology Education. The District has also initiated a standardized Response to Intervention (RtI) Program. All students are universally screened in grades K-12, and the results of these exams are used to identify individual students who may need additional support or those who need to be accelerated. Each school incorporates RtI time in their schedules to meet the needs of all students. The District is also using PALS testing, Fountas and Pinnell benchmark screenings, and ongoing summative and formative assessments to guide individual instruction.

The Wisconsin Model Academic State Standards

The Common Core State Standards Initiative