The Bangor Elementary School library strives to be a welcoming, nurturing, and educational environment for students, staff and visitors.

All K-5 students at Bangor Elementary School have 30 minute library classes scheduled 2 times per week. 4K students visit the library 1 time per week for 15 minutes. During these classes, students learn literacy, research and technology skills in addition to having time to browse and check-out books.

The Bangor Elementary School library welcomes students whenever a library staff member is present or when a teacher accompanies students between 7:45 – 3:00. The library is open for staff at all times.

Student check out policy: Students may check out books during library classes or during other times there is supervision in the library. Books may be checked out for a two-week period. Books may be renewed as long as there are no holds on the item. A list of items checked out will be sent home frequently in Friday Folders.

  • 4K – 1 book checked out per library visit (maximum 2 out at a time)
  • K – First ½ of the year – 1 book checked per library visit (maximum 2)
    Second ½ of the year – 2 books checked out per library visit (maximum 3 out at a time)
  • Grades 1-5 – 2 books checked out per library visit (maximum 5 out at a time)

When a student reaches the maximum limit or there is an overdue or lost book, students can still check out during library class, but the book will remain in his/her classroom rather than going home with the student. This will continue until other books are returned.

Staff check out policy: Staff may check out an unlimited number of materials with no due date, with the understanding that others may wish to use the materials and materials should be returned as soon as possible. All materials will be collected at the end of the school year for inventory purposes.

Students and staff are encouraged to come to the library for work time, book check-out, and research throughout the school day. Students should have a pass from the class they are coming from and should maintain respectable, responsible, safe and productive behavior while in the library.

Students are responsible for the books they check out.If any damage or loss occurs to the books checked out, a flat replacement fine of $5.00 will be issued. An alternative to paying the fine can be arranged with the Library Media Director (working off the fine in the library, non-perishable food donation, appropriate replacement book donated to the library).