Students of the Month

September 2020

The September 2020 Students of the Month are: 6th Grade - September Harris (daughter of Troy and Christie Harris),
7th Grade - Kennedy Hamilton (daughter of Nathan and Amber Hamilton),
8th Grade - Gabby Costello (daughter of David Huffman and Candra Peckham),
9th Grade - Gladys Bores (daughter of Travis and Jessica Bores),
10th Grade - KyLeigh Groll (Justin Groll and Elizabeth Nation),
11th Grade - Alex Lemoine (son of Heather Lemoine),
12th Grade Josh Drew (son of Tad and Jessica Drew).
November 2020 Middle School

Rebekah Justing (daughter of Brandon and Melissa Justinger), Kiera Cavadini (daughter of Doug and Sheila Cavadini), Angelina Vang (daughter of Ti and Pazoo Vang), Hayden Massman (son of Richard and Michelle Massman), Brandon Goeded (son of Norm and Amy Goede), Bryce Peterson (son of Ben and Shanna Peterson)
November 2020 High School

Caden Justinger (son of Brandon and Melissa Justinger), Katie Larkin (daughter of Pat and Kristin Larkin), Briana Schuster (daughter of Bryon and Juli Schuster), Dustin McDonald (son of Barry and Cindy McDonald), Mathieu Oesterle (son of Steve and Nikki Oesterle), Lauren Kadrmas (daughter of Brian and Robin Kadrmas), Mercedes Marohl (daughter of Mike and Amy Marohl), Hank Reader (son of Tony and Mia Reader)