An Update on our Vegetable Garden:

Students in grades K-5 were involved in preparing the soil with help from teachers and community members, planting seeds and potatoes in the spring, and then harvesting in August, September, and October. A fence was added to provide a boundary around the vegetable area.

Some of the vegetables planted were green beans, sugar snap peas, carrots, purple potatoes, red potatoes, green pepper, tri-color peppers, pumpkins, buttercup squash, and an herb garden that included oregano, parsley, rosemary, and basil.

The items harvested by students and used in our elementary school lunch program were the purple potatoes, red potatoes, green beans, green peppers, tri-color peppers, and the oregano, rosemary, and basil.

We had a successful growing season and "learning season". The care provided over the summer went well by using money from the grant, and our kitchen staff provided good ideas for the use of the produce. Students were excited to see and their produce actually on their garden bar, in their main dishes, and on their individual trays. Tasting was the best reward! This was a great connection to the land, to the soil, to harvesting, and enjoying the bounty on their table!

If you could offer help in any area, please call 608 486-5286, and we will be glad to talk about possibilities.