Bangor School District

The school nurse serves the two Bangor school buildings Monday through Friday.  In addition to promoting wellness and safety, the nurse supervises the care of ill and injured students, supervises the distribution of medication, reviews immunization records, and conducts hearing and vision screenings. 

Designated, trained school staff will administer student medication that must be given at exact times during school hours.  The school district requests that, when possible, medications be administered at home. 

There must be a completed “School Medication and Procedure Authorization Form” on file before any prescription medication will be administered. This can be printed from the Bangor School District website under the Health Services tab. Copies are also available in each school’s main office and most pediatrician offices. 

  • All prescription medications (including inhalers/EpiPens) require both physician and parent signatures.

  • Parents can provide permission for non-prescription medications available at school to be given during registration. 

    • Any over-the-counter medications exceeding the manufacturer’s therapeutic dosing guidelines will require physician signature. 

    •  If necessary, we may ask you to supply over-the-counter medication, depending on your child’s needs. 

All medications (prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, inhalers, EpiPens, cough drops, etc.) should be provided in the following manner:

  • Original container with child’s full name and date of birth 

  • Medication name

  • Instructions for administration

  • Expiration date clearly visible 

Controlled substance medication must be dropped off and picked up by a parent/guardian or designated adult in the office. 

All prescription and over-the-counter medication should be administered in the nursing office and not kept on your child at school. Students may self-carry inhalers and EpiPens if their provider has indicated this on the “School Medication and Procedure Authorization Form.” 

The Bangor School District nurse can be contacted at 608-486-5500 or Your child’s physician can fax completed forms to the Elementary School at 608-486-4045, the Middle/High School at 608-486-4251, or the District Office at 608-486-4587.

It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to pick up any remaining medication and/or health supplies at the end of the school year.